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Our 13-Step Review Process

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Unlike many other VPN review sites, we take things seriously.

When we review the VPN service, we actually open our wallets and become a paid customer. We never ask for free accounts.

Here’s what we do:

To safely use a VPN, it’s important that you purchase one from an reputable company with servers in many different locations. Installation of the application can be done on any device running Windows 10 or Mac OS versions past Strimbo (10.13). Speed tests should also take place across multiple connections at once using speedtestnet software before deciding if there are leaks present which might affect performance.

When you’re looking for a VPN provider, there are many things to consider. One of the most important factors is whether or not they allow torrenting and P2P networking abilities in their servers? Can I stream Netflix from abroad with this service too?! You should also make sure that when downloading apps off Google Play Store your data gets encrypted by using an SSL certificate which ensures no one but yourself has access
to what’s being downloaded onto your device–so check out these features before signing up!

You can find the best deals by comparing their prices with value. We rank them accordingly on our homepage so it’s easy for you!

Here’s how we evaluate and stress-test every element of a VPN service:

1. Same computer & network for each VPN

What’s in the box?

Meet our reliable, durable Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-141AP Lenny or “The Wound” as she’s been affectionately nicknamed by the crew at Penguin Mobile Repair. This laptop has seen more action than most and still manages to perform flawlessly day in and out!
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We take consistency seriously. That’s why all of the VPNs we test are run through a rigorous series of tests on Lenny, our own specialized server just for this purpose! We don’t want you getting bogged down in technical jargon or confusing numbers; let’s keep it simple with some clear benchmarks so that when your friends ask where they should go next to get their privacy back (or if there even is such thing), everyone will have an answer.

2. Bought and installed 78 VPN apps (ongoing…)

Lenny’s desktop is cluttered with open windows and icons as of a few weeks ago. He has several email alerts flashing on his screen, including one from Steam saying they’re ready to download something new if LENNY wants it!
Lennys computer setup includes an oversized monitor that takes up most of one wall in front him; next are two laptops running alongside each other across three metal desks – not exactly ideal for productivity but who says you need all this space? The entire scene feels very James Brown (click here) since he can be found sitting behind whatever piece-of furniture happens easiest at the moment: today its cushions rather than.

Stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and read this entire content before continuing. You need to get all of your thoughts out on paper or in front the class so that when we come back for our next meeting there is less chance they’ll slip through unnoticed!

We do not accept any money, bribes, favors, in-kind donations, exotic pets, crypto currencies, homecooked meals, or ANY compensation in exchange for writing or editing a review. EVER.

We are committed to transparency and do not charge for any services we test.

Unlike other reviewers, we don’t just make up our data. We actually get it from the sources – so you know exactly where your numbers come from!

3. Read through their logging policy

The logging and privacy policies we read were so long that our eyes watered, heads hurt, and all sense of reality beyond “yes I can see how this will benefit you” went out the window.

Your privacy is our priority. We make sure you know what kind of information we collect about your browsing habits and when it’s being shared with third parties, so that no matter how many Silicon Valley engineers try their best to trick us – there’s nothing they can do!

4. Check their jurisdiction and history

Here at VPNBook, we take privacy very seriously. Our team of experts is dedicated to keeping your browsing activities protected and anonymous online – even from third parties such as law enforcement agencies that might want access for whatever reason!

5. Run multiple speed tests

Is your VPN keeping up with the band? This test measures download speeds, and it doesn’t matter how secure you think yours is if they take three hours to finish downloading an episode of Stranger Things. We use to measure Upload & Download quotas multiple times throughout each year so that we can account for fluctuations in service quality from month-to date all forward—even after a lot has changed! Unfortunately though some aren’t doing too great…

6. Tested Netflix streaming across 3 to 6 servers

Why waste time checking if your internet connection can handle Netflix when we’ll tell you right away? We don’t want to make anyone’s life more difficult than necessary, so just let us know.

Netflix VPN streaming error

Find best VPNs for Netflix here.

7. Read through their torrenting/P2P policy

We get to the truth of whether or not a VPN allows P2P and torrenting. Some advocate for it directly, others are sneaky about their stance on this issue but we take care your needs regardless!

8. Test for DNS, IPv4, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks

IP leaks happen when your VPN fails to hide you as an anonymous user. For example: if a blocked show is still not showing up on Netflix, then it’s possible that the real IP of someone might have been leaked! We strategically test common points within each service in order determine how well they can protect our clients from being exposed or compromised.

Netflix VPN streaming error

9. Graded their usability and user-friendliness

When we look for the best VPNs, there are a few things that stand out. First and foremost is ease of use; you want something so simple to navigate but also powerful enough if your needs grow in later years as well! Another important factor? The customer service team – can they help answer any questions or resolve issues quickly without feeling overwhelming at all times (especially during peak hours)? Lastly on our list goes by how quick installation processes go: does this take longer than usual because everyone has different hardware now days.

10. Evaluate each VPN security and privacy features

“VPNs are a great way to protect your privacy and security when using the internet. We have tested several different services to find what’s best for you! Some people might need something simple, like Private Internet Access that has easy-to use apps with no frills attached while others will want more features such as unlimited bandwidth or encryption types so they can feel completely secure online from any unwanted visitor who may be tracking their activity.”

The VPN Service is a good choice for those who want to improve their browsing experience. The service offers fast speeds, unlimited bandwidths and no traffic restrictions on rank or location thanks go its unique features such as Killswitch , DNS Leak Protection etc… but there are some downsides too: like if you don’t know what an OpenVPN Port Forwarding Tool does then chances that it may lead into something different than expected!

Netflix VPN streaming error

11. Give their customer support a (real!) test run

We submit support tickets, make phone calls and get on chat to test response speed. The best company will provide excellent customer service that does not leave you hanging when dealing with common VPN issues like slow speeds or disconnects!

Netflix VPN streaming error

12. Test compatibility with routers, TVs, TOR, and consoles

VPNs are a great way to protect your identity and secure browsing, but if the service you buy won’t work with all of our devices – what’s the point? We test multiple different setups for compatibility so that buying something like this doesn’t end up being fruitless. In addition we look at whether or not Tor can be used together in conjunction-a popular choice among power users and those living under contentious environments/locations.

Netflix VPN streaming error

13. Compare the cost vs value

Yep, pricing is important. So why evaluate it last? Well first off if you’re going with a free product that compromises your privacy or an expensive one which offers nothing superior than cheaper ones then there’s no point in looking at these since they will not help those scenarios any more so let’s move on from them for now shall we!?

Netflix VPN streaming error

You can take it from here…

We spend a lot of time and effort to produce our reviews. We take this seriously because it’s important for you, the reader!
-The process can be long but ultimately rewarding when looking at each point in depth so please finish reading through all 13 points above if possible (or jump right down below).  We appreciate your patience while we do these thorough examinations—we hope they’ll help make decisions easier on yourself as well as others who might find themselves relying upon them.

  • Do you want to help us? Leave your own review here. We would love for people who have had a positive experience with the company, or negative one too! If so please leave feedback on our website’s contact form- it will go straight into their inboxes and make them super happy 🙂
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