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What do we do & how do we do it?

  • We review VPN providers. Our review process is quite straightforward. We buy the premium version, install it, test it’s speed, compatibility with Netflix, see if there are any IP/DNS leaks or viruses, read through their logging policy, check their jurisdiction and rank them accordingly.
  • We test VPNs & other privacy applications on a deep technical level with the help of one of our penetration testers.

You can read more about our review process here.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you decide to purchase through one of the links through our site, we may receive a commission.

How can I leave a VPN review?

We’d love to hear your honest, unbiased review of VPN providers. Simply fill out this form to let us know what you think—good OR bad. Not all reviews are being published, so make sure your review is unique and helpful to our visitors.

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Author Testimonials

Rob Mardisalu is the co-founder and editor of Rob works on reviewing, researching and managing the full team of around 10 freelance security writers/researchers behind

Rob writes VPN guides and how-to articles at

Rob Mardisalu – Co-founder & Editor behind TheBestVPN

It takes painstaking effort and research to put out the unbiased reviews and research/exposés we publish at, and some of our writers and researchers would rather remain anonymous.

John Mason was the alias under which was ran for a while. Content and research created by some of our writers who prefer to stay anonymous is also published under the John Mason alias.

John Mason – TheBestVPN’s Pseudonymous Co-founder/Publisher (Past)

Howard Poston is one of our freelance security testers behind some of the more technical content you might stumble onto on our site. He tests VPNs for security holes & privacy flaws.

Right now he’s working on testing iOS and Android VPN frameworks.

Howard Poston – Technical Researcher behind TheBestVPN